The Big Book of Amiga Hardware : FAQ
Probably (was) the largest Amiga hardware reference on the net!

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Who founded the Big Book of Amiga Hardware (BBoAH)?
Ian Chapman... a former Amiga fanatic that still has fond memories for a platform that was light years ahead of its time. The site received contributions from hundreds of individuals over its lifespan which helped to make the site what it was.

How can I contact you?
Email me (Ian Chapman) at: ian DOT chapman AT amiga-hardware DOT com

Why did you stop maintaining the Big Book of Amiga Hardware?
I stopped maintaining the site because somewhere around 2006, I decided it was time to call it a day and sold all my Amiga gear. My interest in the Amiga had been declining after my focus started to shift to UNIX & Linux around 2000.

Who maintains the Big Book of Amiga Hardware now?
Several people do. Please see this page for more information

Which of the alternative versions of the BBoAH is the official one?
There is no official Big Book of Amiga Hardware. The current web sites took the original BBoAH (with my blessing) as it was left in Sep 2006 and have built upon it. As far as I'm concerned they are free to use the name "The Big Book of Amiga Hardware" and continue to maintain their respective sites however they wish.

I wish to set up my own version of the BBoAH. Can I use yours as a basis?
Yes, but please consider working with the existing sites rather than starting a new one. Their sites are likely to be far more up to date and current than this one. If you insist, please contact me.

Why don't you relinquish the domain?
I've owned this domain for over 13 years and now rely on it for far more than the BBoAH. It is too important to me to relinquish or pass on.

What licence is the BBoAH under?
The content as existed in Sep 2006 is not under any single cohesive licence. Technically, each contributor owns their contribution and gave permission for it to be included in the BBoAH, or the contributor sought permission to submit an item they didn't own or an item was submitted that was effectively public domain or the equivalent thereof.

Who owns the BBoAH?
As far as I'm concerned, no single person or entity owns the entire BBoAH.